Introducing AnyWAN™, Lantiq's Powerful Modular Design to Simplify Broadband Gateway Development

Design complexity at the system level is a real challenge. Our customers want to use their platforms for more than one technology. Lantiq listens and delivers: Introducing AnyWAN™.

AnyWAN™'s optimized system chip and software architecture gives OEMs and carriers maximum flexibility in CPE (Customer Premise Equipment ) design and deployment. Based on Lantiq system chips and  Universal Gateway (UGW) software, the AnyWAN™ approach provides broadband equipment suppliers with the flexibility to build gateways supporting an array of wide area network (WAN) interfaces and local network connectivity options from a single base design

The first public AnyWAN™ proof-of-concept system will be shown at Broadband World Forum 2012. It is capable of supporting broadband access delivered via ADSL2/2+ or VDSL2, Ethernet, GPON, or LTE.  In-home networking supported on the system includes Gbit Ethernet, WiFi(tm), DECT/CAT-iq, powerline and other home networking links as well as telephony services including both legacy and VoIP.

Highlights of AnyWAN™:

  • Modular Principle Lowers Costs, Simplifies System Support
  • AnyWAN-based design allows a standardized gateway system board and standardized system software to support several different connectivity options; much more efficient than designing separate systems to support different WAN architectures..
  • Reduced design cycles and a common base platform provide cost and time to market advantages, particularly for OEMs and ODMs supporting multiple network operators in different global locations.
  • Network operators will realize implementation and deployment advantages with AnyWAN-based systems based on the ability to re-use up to 90% of the system code across different versions of the base platform, thus lowering system test and support costs.


Click here for the official AnyWAN™ press release.

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