In Focus

In Focus

We develop and provide solutions that significantly reduce the energy consumption of broadband equipment. For example, our EASY reference designs for Broadband CPE solutions  lead the market in fulfilling the European Code of Conduct (CoC) for energy efficiency and support the IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard.

By reducing standby power compared to existing products onthe market, the EASY reference boards exceed currently defined CoC targets by up to 25 percent in most cases. This industry-best efficiency  is enabled by Lantiq’s strong system know-how and its active engagement in the standardization of relevant requirements.

Furthermore, Lantiq’s solutions also support the industry’s goal of green products. In 2000, Lantiq initiated the "Green Product" project and today nearly all Lantiq products are converted to lead-free production and are available as "RoHS compliant." In addition, Lantiq has ensured in its logistics process that optimized packing types are used in all products supplied to our worldwide customer base. This reduces waste, weight and space requirements and thereby positively contributes to the reduction of global CO² emission.

About Lantiq

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