Lantiq’s Code of Conduct, Transparency, Whistleblowing and Compliance Practices

Lantiq has instituted a strict Code of Conduct which applies to all Lantiq employees worldwide. It is based on the Lantiq mission statement and sets up a structure and guidelines for important basic rules of business and conduct as well as minimum standards. Our objective is to support all our employees in their daily work when they are faced with legal and ethical challenges, to provide them with orientation, and to encourage good and correct behavior and integrity. The Lantiq Code of Conduct is aimed at reinforcing the company’s fair, sustainable, responsible and ethical basic principles for action.

Lantiq’s outstanding products, its leading position in the market for broadband applications and its first-class customer focus demonstrates its excellence in business to the industry. Lantiq employees treat business partners fairly, and their dealings with authorities at home and abroad are based on the relevant valid laws.

If there is a need to file a report regarding Lantiq, its management, its employees or its practices, the following options are available:

Lantiq’s Compliance Office at compliance(at)lantiq(dot)com

Lantiq’s Legal Department at legal(at)lantiq(dot)com

Please do not use this system for customer enquiries or complaints, or to ask questions about products or services provided by Lantiq. They will not be processed using these tools – please visit the Lantiq Information Center for further assistance.

Mail or Email a Report

You may also mail a report or inquiry to

Lantiq's Product Security Office at:


For more information visit:

Lantiq's Compliance Office at :  


(Please take into account that the mailboxes listed above will not reply on any product or technical related question. Please use the Contact Form instead to request product information)


Lantiq's Legal Department at:

Lantiq Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG
Legal & Patents
Lilienthalstraße 15
85579 Neubiberg


(Please take into account that this mailbox will not reply on any product or technical related question. Please use the Contact Form instead to request product information)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Management philosophy respects both people and the environment. Consequently, Lantiq complies with applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines.

Conflict Minerals

Lanitq is committed to ensuring that the materials used in our products are sourced in an ethical and responsible way. Go to Conflict Minerals.

Environmental Responsibility

Lantiq is committed to help its customers deliver on the promise of energy efficiency and green products, with the goal of conserving natural resources and protecting our climate. Go to Environmental Responsibility.

Corporate Giving

Lantiq believes it’s important to contribute to the community. Learn more about Lantiq Corporate Giving