DUSLIC™XS - Lantiq New Generation of Industry Leading Voice Telephony Chip

The Lantiq DUSLIC™XS enables customers to simplify their designs and reduce system cost, for voice telephony on DSL, fiber, cable and LTE gateways. With its advanced features and superior power efficiency it is the ideal solution for boosting performance while decreasing power consumption and reducing system costs. 

The DUSLIC™XS is a low-power single-chip CODEC/SLIC™ for voice line termination on Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). It is designed to address the key challenges facing voice system designers, including power consumption, power dissipation, system footprint and Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) costs. In addition, it incorporates a range of new value-added features, such as wideband audio and advanced loop monitoring, to allow system designers to differentiate products from their competition.

As communications service providers continue the transition to DSL, fiber, cable and LTE based broadband, standard telephone line termination in broadband gateways has become an essential part of next generation network deployments, resulting in growth for the voice line interface. Lantiq’s single package solution enables optimization of system design and costs by providing unmatched flexibility and performance. 

  • Size: Twenty percent smaller than predecessor, the DUSLIC™XS, available in a VQFN-68 (8x8 mm) for dual and in a VQFN-48 package (7x7 mm) for a single-voice line. Additionally the single channel version is available in a pin-to-pin compatible VQFN-68 package, allowing system manufacturers to use a single PCB card for one or two voice circuits.
  • BoM: Most cost efficient solution in the market – Bill-of-Material (BOM) cost below US 20 cents for dual-line termination achieved through integration and elimination of duplicated external components (i.e., power conversion and ESD protection circuits) required for alternative dual-line designs.
  • Performance: CO-grade transmission performance and operation in industrial temperature range with wideband support (16 kHz, 16 bit linear), automatic ring current regulation, DTMF generation and detection, and caller ID generation.
  • Power: With industry leading lowest power consumption, measured in both on and off-hook conditions, system manufacturers can meet stringent Code of Conduct requirements while using a smaller power supply to further improve system design and cost
  • Design: Reference designs for 2-layer board solutions, including schematics and LOM for various applications (PnP, NMOS, flyback, -48V buck/boost, low input voltage etc.).
  • Line testing: DUSLIC™XS supports industry standard (GR-909) line test requirements and additional tests such as e.g. Capacitance Measurement, Phone Detection Test, AC Level Metering, Make-and-Break Dial Tone Test, and Universal Tone Detection Test.
  • The DUSLIC™XS devices are available for development and system production. Evaluation boards, as well as several reference designs, are available to speed integration with a wide range of DSL, fiber, cable and LTE gateway network processor solutions.



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