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Thank you for your interest in GRX, – Lantiq’s high performance AnyWAN™ Home Gateway chipset family. The GRX series meets the Gigabit processing requirements of DOCSIS3.0, VDSL2, and xPON access technologies, provides carrier-class voice service, and achieves best-in-class performance for wireless connectivity. It offers scalable performance for implementation of a broad set of broadband router/gateway solutions – from entry-level to advanced designs with support for the QoS requirements of an IoT-ready smart home gateway. If you would like additional information, please visit the links below.


With industry leading integration and technology found in core network processors, the Lantiq GRX350 network processor delivers the carrier-grade performance required for the Smart Home era.  The multiple CPU architecture is supported with specialized processing engines to raise the bar on performance in three critical areas.

TrueQoS™ – Raw packet routing speed greater than 2Gbit/s is paired with a dedicated packet classification engine to classify all downstream and upstream packets at line speed and to implement QoS protocols on all data streams, from every device operating on the gateway.  

TrustWorld™ – The first home gateway processor to implement a Trusted Execution Environment on a dedicated security core processor.

TrueVirtualization™ – Hardware-based virtualization makes it possible to run several operating systems in parallel and fully isolated in terms of access to CPUs, peripherals and memory. 

With GRX350, it’s time to re-architect the broadband home gateway to achieve the Quality of Service (QoS) required in today’s smart, digital home. 

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The GRX330 brings turbocharged performance to entry and mid-level broadband home gateways. A series of dedicated packet processing engines reduce the workload on the main system CPU, leaving compute cycles to spare for value-added and revenue producing services.  Features include:

  • Powerful Dual-CPU architecture with multiple smart offloading engines and an integrated 7-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with integrated Gigabit PHYs.
  • DSL and Ethernet WAN access traffic processed with zero load on the system CPU, and the Lantiq DirectLTE™ engine provides high-speed uplink connectivity.
  • Offload engines to manage wire speed routing, firewalling, and 802.11n WiFi. 

On average, network offloading leaves the system CPU 60 percent or more of its compute horsepower available to run applications.  

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You get the service you want at the quality you want. By far the most flexible and secure gateway that has ever existed, based on Lantiq GRX350

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