Lantiq has a long history in maintaining a Quality Management System. 

In 1987, Lantiq received its first ISO9001 certification as a part of Siemens Semiconductor Group (which later became Infineon Technologies AG). Its TL9000 certification was obtained in 2007 as part of Infineon. In December 2009, Lantiq received its own independent ISO9001 and TL9000 certification.

In 2012, the TL900 certification was extended to include software as well as hardware components.


ISO 9001 and TL9000


Quality Management

Our commitment to quality is above the industry bar as Lantiq provides exceptional broadband solutions to our customers worldwide.

Quality Policy

Our vision is to create win-win partnerships with satisfied and loyal customers as well as to achieve excellence in quality of our products and services, processes and people. We see quality as a critical differentiator for our products and services.

Supporting Information

In this section Lantiq provides valuable information to the following topics:

  • ESD Handling
  • A Warning About Counterfeit Products
  • Package Assembly Recommendations