Quality Management

Our commitment to quality is above the industry bar as Lantiq provides exceptional broadband solutions to our customers worldwide. We understand the importance of product quality for customer satisfaction and have put many measures in place to ensure that we deliver products that exceed customer expectations. Our Quality Management System (QMS) was mature and in place for many years while Lantiq was a business division of Infineon Technologies AG. Since becoming a private company, we have updated and improved our own independent QMS to meet the needs of our fabless semiconductor business model and evolving customer requirements. In December 2009, Lantiq received its own independent ISO9001 and TL9000 certification. In addition to these certifications, the Lantiq team has extensive training on continuous improvement and problem solving skills, and business management strategies.

Dedicated to perfection: we strive for nothing less. Lantiq implements continuous improvements to achieve excellence in all that we do. Our people are passionate about doing the right thing. Our processes are solid and time-tested. Our products are superior, reliable, and solid. New product offerings not only push the boundaries of what we believe is possible, but offer innovative and different solutions to problems we know exist because we have listened and we understand your challenges. We are here to help. Lantiq strives to maintain excellent relationships with our customers by exceeding expectations, satisfying needs, and not only making, but delivering on promises.



Quality Policy

Our vision is to create win-win partnerships with satisfied and loyal customers as well as to achieve excellence in quality of our products and services, processes and people. We see quality as a critical differentiator for our products and services.


Lantiq’s commitment to industry standards and certification is seen across diverse engineering, quality and environmental programs.

Supporting Information

In this section Lantiq provides valuable information to the following topics:

  • ESD Handling
  • A Warning About Counterfeit Products
  • Package Assembly Recommendations