Copper into Gold

Transform Copper into Gold

Modern day alchemy is revitalizing in-place copper infrastructure. Solutions are available today to practically erase the historic bandwidth limits of copper pairs and cost effectively meet the challenge of competitive carrier services.

Lantiq has developed a new set of weapons that Service Providers can use to migrate to Ultra High Speed Broadband while maximizing the value of existing copper infrastructure. Options such as VDSL Bonding and Vectoring, Fiber-To-The-Distribution Point (FTTdp) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) integration leverage legacy copper to drive the evolution of broadband to 100-200 Mbps and beyond. Lantiq technology solutions open new opportunities for carriers to deliver high value services on existing assets, starting with today’s access network and CPE installed base.

While FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) is the logical long-term solution for broadband access, new options have emerged that enable carriers to bridge the gap between their legacy copper access and newly deployed or planned Fiber infrastructure.


With significant investment and time required for the FTTH transition, service providers need a faster, capital efficient route to ultra-high broadband. Available solutions include:

  • VDSL Vectoring and Bonding, which can be used independently or together as a lower cost, more easily deployed alternative to FTTH  in many countries.
  • FTTdP is a hybrid access technology that takes advantage of new fiber infrastructure deployed up to the buildings while keeping the simplicity and low cost of copper based infrastructure inside the building. FTTdP reduces time-to-revenue for new fiber rollout by connecting end points quickly for access to Superfast triple play services.
  • LTE Femtocells are an alternative for carriers who don’t have access to short loop copper and can combine ADSL for regular traffic with fixed-wireless connectivity to cope with peak traffic required in the new digital home environment.

With this new Copper/ Fiber/ Wireless arsenal, service providers can rapidly evolve to 100Mbps and greater bandwidth and offer very competitive alternatives to Cable operators and emerging competitive carriers. It is the smart way for operators to maximize legacy networks and recent investments while tightly controlling OpEx.


  • Lantiq’s Vinax™ V3 VDSL solution has all the features Service Providers are looking for:
    • It is flexible to accommodate all new VDSL options like Bonding and Vectoring
    • It is smart to enable remote line testing through MELT technology
    • It is efficient to allow for industry leading consumption of less than 0,9 W per port
    • It is dense to enable all new deployment options like FTTC, FTTB and even FTTdP
  • Lantiq’s integrated FTTdP solution combines the benefits of high speed GPON Fiber with the simplicity of High Speed VDSL from the Distribution Point to Homes and Apartments.
  • Lantiq’s LTE integration is to modern Broadband what Hybrid engines are to the automobile industry: a disruptive approach and game changer that allows Service providers to combine the best of both worlds, fixed and wireless.

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